Art in Progress Tour, Palmanova, Italy, December 2019

Art in Progress Tour in honour of Greg Lake, Palmanova, Italy, December 2019.

Thanks to everyone involved! Here’s a selection of pieces from my performance. 

Trading Boundaries 24/10/19

Thanks to everyone who came to see the show at Trading Boundaries! This is just a snippet of my performance so I hope you enjoy it!

Ethan Emerson performs ‘Trilogy’ by ELP, July 2019

2nd Art In Progress Event, Zoagli, Italy, June 2019

I was honoured to be asked to perform at the 2nd Art In Progress Event in honour of the legendary Greg Lake, in Zoagli, Italy in June 2019.

Public piano at Heathrow Airport

Running late for our flight, but who can resist a public piano?! A update from two years ago - ‘Outgoing Tide‘ by Keith Emerson. March 2019.

Keith Emerson Tribute Concert

Ethan Emerson plays 'The Dreamer' at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, 'Keith Emerson - A Musical Celebration of His Life', along with a 60 piece orchestra. July 2017.

Outgoing Tide

Ethan Emerson performs 'Outgoing Tide' by grandfather Keith Emerson on a public piano at age 11, May 2017.

Performance at Trading Boundaries

Ethan Emerson performing at Trading Boundaries on 6th July 2018. 

With introduction from Jim Davidson.

Close To Home

Ethan Emerson - 'Close To Home' Live, by Keith Emerson. 

Performed on board 'The Roadee' Mobile Recording Studio, June 2018